Welcome to 1 Day 1 Week!

Welcome to 1 Day 1 Week and thanks for visiting! Whether you are a caregiver, patient advocate, a patient, or someone who cares about any of the aforementioned, I hope you find this blog engaging on an ongoing basis. In addition to the blog entries and comments for you to read, over time we will add additional helpful resources, share important information, connect to related topics and stories, and create new features.  

The name 1 Day 1 Week stems from a mantra of the same name that we caregivers and patient advocates around the world often live by – for practical purposes and sanity-sake amidst these challenging and rewarding journeys we’ve chosen…or that chose us.

I can say it’s my passion for helping – whether my parents and anyone – that finally moved me to get this blog going! As the primary caregiver and patient advocate for both parents, I’ve experienced so much that I feel people can benefit from knowing about – to help their own journeys. Maybe in one blog post I can help someone understand they aren’t alone as a caregiver or patient advocate – I know how that feels. Maybe in another post I can provide actionable information for how to advocate for their loved one that helps their situation. Maybe yet in another post I can share the challenges of trying to find balance in life – not easy! Of course, there’s so much more than all of that to share.

Above all, my hope is that even in the slightest ways what I share will help other caregivers and patient advocates – making their lives and those of the people they are caring and/or advocating for a bit easier. That said, it’s important that I don’t go on this 1 Day 1 Week journey alone.

1 Day 1 Week invites all caregivers, patient advocates and their families to submit blog entries and/or share thoughts below other people’s blog stories. Patients and their families are invited, too.

For caregivers and patient advocates, we would love for you to share stories about your experiences taking care of someone – and importantly how that has had an impact on you, your life. From the challenges, sacrifices, and heartbreak to the love, beauty, and personal growth. If you need help deciding what to write about, on the Submit A Story page you’ll see many suggested topics.

For families of caregivers and patient advocates, as well as patients and their families, we know your lives have also been touched. We encourage you to view the suggested topics (or choose another) and share with our readers how caregivers and patient advocates have impacted your world and that of loved ones.

In closing this welcome message, I feel it’s important to share the goals of 1 Day 1 Week, so everyone understands the intention is:

  1. To help people who haven’t walked in the shoes of a caregiver or patient advocate to understand on a deeper level what those experiences are like on a daily and weekly basis, and how it has impacted their lives – with the hope that will help build bridges within families, communities, and the world.
  2. To provide an ongoing public journal from caregivers and patient advocates, that helps others in those roles to feel understood, encouraged, validated, and maybe even celebrated.

Thanks again for visiting and let’s make the world a better place with greater understanding, together!

In kindness,

Todd “TJ” Keitz