Our Spirit

“When you are a caregiver, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.” Unknown

Our Mission

1 Day 1 Week is a mission:

  • to provide greater understanding about caregiving and patient advocacy.
  • to effect change in the U.S. and around the globe through helping to build bridges within families and communities.
  • to help the movement for economic changes in support of the millions of people who take on these noble roles.

1 Day 1 Week is not a destination – it’s a continuous journey that welcomes the heartfelt voices of caregivers and patient advocates in the U.S. and anywhere in the world. We invite all to submit stories for possible inclusion on the 1 Day 1 Week blog.

Y(our) stories about the sacrifices, love, hardships, growth, challenges, victories, heartbreak and beauty of caregiving and patient advocacy will collectively help foster greater understanding.

Y(our) voices are the key – to help inform, educate, validate, and encourage toward the goals of building bridges and effecting change!

Our Genesis

1 Day 1 Week was created by Todd “TJ” Keitz. Throughout his life, he has been actively involved professionally and personally in many facets of the healthcare world. On the professional side, this has included leadership roles at a large health insurer, pharmaceutical market research and consulting firm, and international medical data company. On the personal side, Todd has volunteered in older adult communities since he was a teenager, listening to and recording life stories, creating programs for memory care, playing bingo (of course!), and much more.

In June 2018, Todd became the primary caregiver and patient advocate for his mom and subsequently his dad. The vast experiences along this journey with his parents have included 17 hospital stays in 22 months (over 100 hospital days!) with his mom from June 2018 to April 2020, and his dad’s radiation/chemo treatments every weekday over six weeks early in 2021…followed by a second shorter round of radiation in July 2021. In addition to those clinic experiences, there have been countless hours of additional doctor appointments and tests, conversations with healthcare providers, coordination of schedules, research on any/everything related to their conditions, and all of the in-home care you can think of.

Considering everything that comes with these experiences, it’s understood that Todd’s motivation behind 1 Day 1 Week is enthusiastic, heartfelt and earnest.


To learn about Todd’s endeavors outside of caregiving, patient advocacy and 1 Day 1 Week, check out his LinkedIn profile and 17 Commerce LLC.