Our New Podcast Has Launched

NOVEMBER 12, 2021

Yay!! After lots of planning, the new podcast has officially launched!

Caregiving Insights will be an ongoing podcast series, bringing you different perspectives on a wide array of interesting topics. Our guests will include thought leaders from healthcare, business, and nonprofits, as well as caregivers, patient advocates, patients, and others. Each will share unique insights from their vantage points — about caregiving, patient advocacy, and life.

As with our blog, the podcast is intended to:

  • to provide greater understanding about caregiving and patient advocacy.
  • to effect change in the U.S. and around the globe through helping to build bridges within families and communities.
  • to help the movement for economic changes in support of the millions of people who take on the roles of caregiving and/or patient advocacy.

The plan is to upload a new episode every two weeks or so. Episode #1 – Peace of Mind for Caregivers: Validation & Meditation features 1 Day 1 Week founder Todd “TJ” Keitz chatting with Pat Samples, a thought leader in the world of conscious aging and caregiving. Pat brings decades of wisdom gained through helping countless numbers of caregivers find daily and ongoing peace of mind.

Upcoming episodes of Caregiving Insights include topics such as the importance of comedy/humor, changes to home health, groundswell for corporate support, essentials of health literacy, benefits of performing arts, and more!

We hope you find each episode interesting, engaging, informative, and enjoyable!

Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions for future episode topics that you would find interesting and beneficial. Also, if you have someone in mind that may be a great guest, feel free to let us know. Send your suggestions to Todd at todd@1day1week.com.